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UX/Product Designer in Toronto

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I make interfaces usable, helping companies get more value from their clients.

I started my career in Marketing and then quickly realized the importance of thoughtful design. Since then I pivoted into Product Design advocating for the user, learning everything myself because of my curiosity and desire for having better products.

Today, I love to create aesthetically pleasing, user-centred experiences for web and mobile, while focusing on revenue growth. Keep scrolling and I'll give you the overview of what I do and the value that I can bring to your projects.

If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.
Ralf Speth - CEO of Jaguar Land Rover

what i do

I do

UX Skill
User, Business
& Market Research
& Interaction Design
& Visual Design
Strategy, Planning
& Analysis

I design solutions for user and business problems. And by design I mean not only the colors, typography or what’s under the hood of an app or website (although I really like that!), but the experience when a person interacts with the product including everything that surrounds it: the purchase process, the package, the customer support, the social meaning and more.

I have worked on projects ranging from small local businesses to digital agencies and tech startups. Much of my focus is spent thinking through design systems, performing various sorts of research, optimizing web/ app user flows and testing ideas.

In my work, I always strive for making complexity feel simple by creating products and services with the people in mind.

When I'm not employed full-time, I usually take short freelance gigs or work on my own projects. I'm also into photography, outdoor exploration, sci-fi movies and bicycle rides.

A few projects I’ve been working on recently.


Role: Product Design

Being a Founder, I led this project from the discovery phase and defining the product through the iterative development of MVP. During a user-centered approach in design, I collected the data from research, usability tests and user interviews to create the app that solves users pains with minimal distractions.

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Kayak iOS app redesign concept

Role: UX/UI Design.

As a traveler who always faces the necessity to utilize a variety of apps to plan, book and track trips, I designed this concept to see if it's possible to create an ultimate solution for the journey. The research and design decisions showcased in a short case study.

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Daniel Novykov - UX/UI Design
Daniel Novykov - Web Design and Development, Marketing

Dr. Star Clinic

Role: Web Design and Development, Marketing.

The goal was to promote the medical aesthetics services within female audience in Toronto, ON. I launched a new brand under the parent company and developed a separate website that brought many new and happy clients to the clinic.

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Role: Marketing, Advertising, UX.

Building a social platform in a cannabis industry is quite a challenge. With a combination of viral content, paid ads and a bit of growth-hacking I delivered 300,000 user sign-ups in the 1st year. I was also constantly assisting with UX improvements to achieve more than 70% of MAU on the network.

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Daniel Novykov - Marketing, Advertising, UX

let's talk

Let's talk

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